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About us

DarkWater Acoustics is a company founded by Thomas DiCicco for the purpose of marketing its recently granted US patent, in underwater location of planes, ships, black boxes, and other critical devices.  Teamed with DarkWater Acoustics is Justin Manley, a recognized leader in marine technology with specialization in underwater robotics.   Together the team will seek to raise awareness of the new technology and will seek out other companies in the field that would be interested in potentially buying out or licensing the Patented technology.   The main goal is to bring an advanced “Adaptive Pinger” to market and widespread use for the greater good. 

Companies and early stage investors are invited to contact the company by kindly directing your inquiries to  Mr. Michael DiCicco, VP of Investor and Public Relations  at:  michael@darkwateracoustics.com.   


Thomas DiCicco

Justin Manley