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Battery Life Maximized

Signals that last

  • Designed to be operational when it is important!

    • Delayed Start

    • Adaptive Pulse Power

    • Adaptive Pulse Repetition Rate

    • Deactivation of circuits when no longer required

    • Float Charged on board aircraft (as applicable to the aircraft  and within regulatory restrictions)

    • If at extreme depth immediately utilize special battery conservation algorithms

  • Pinger may have a delayed start—allowing time for search area to be identified and for search vessels to be on station at the search site

  • Conventional Pingers will already be operational at impact and immersion (battery life 30 days)

  • Delayed start is programmable but 30 days is a reasonable  delay time to commence operation (just when conventional devices are set to expire)

  • Pulse Rep Rate is programmable

  • Conventional “free running” 1 second rep rate quickly consumes battery

  • A single high power pulse can be emitted at a reduced rate

  • Cutting rep rate to every 3 seconds would allow a 3 month operational time without considering any other optimizing features

  • First 30 days—conventional pinger is active from Black Boxes

  • At Day 30 the adaptive pinger activates and runs for 90 days at a lower pulse rep rate to Day 120

  • If a second battery (or second adaptive pinger) is switched on at Day 120 then pings will be available to Day 210

  • Can be extended even further by pulse rep rate reduction or additional devices