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Status Quo is no longer acceptable

Current ULB Technology Short Comings

Underwater Locator Beacons (ULB) Current Technology

  • ULB’s are free running devices that activate on contact with water

  • Designed to assist in the location of the flight data and voice recorders and/or airframe

  • ULB’s generally emit an ultrasonic (in some cases audible) acoustic pulse continuously until they run out of battery

  • Device has a relatively short life once activated

  • Usually lasting only 30 days while emitting a 37.5kHz acoustic pulse once every second (commonly referred to as a “pinger”)*

  • Acoustic pulse frequency is fixed despite better frequency choices for varying conditions

  • Significant Range and Bearing ambiguity in deep water

  • Detection range limited to 2-3 km and greatly influenced by environmental conditions

  • Acoustic pulse power is fixed and significantly affects the trade off between detection range and battery life​

*Note: Some locator devices operate in the audible 10 kHz range but the majority are at the ultrasonic  37.5Khz frequency