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Restricted operating life, limited range and bearing ambiguity in deep water are the known limitations of current locator beacons mounted on aircraft, ships, black boxes, and other high value and / or critical devices.

DarkWater Acoustics goes beyond deep to solve these problems.

Adaptive Pinger- US Patent No.: 9,789,939 B1


Next Generation Pinger

Adaptive Features Overcome Current Technology Limitations for Aircraft and Ships

Adaptive Features Overcome Current Technology Limitations for Aircraft and Ships


Current ULB Technology and Short Comings

Status Quo is no longer acceptable


“Next Gen 370” Adaptive Pinger

Deeper Contact

Optimized Detection Range

Locate the objective faster

Jellyfish in Aquarium

Battery Life Maximized

Signals that last

Additional Key Features

Implications are Clear


The Simple Cost Effective Fix

Retrofit of Existing Pinger for delay start


The Bottom Line

  • If a delay start is something that is desirable existing pingers can be retrofitted

  • Retrofit would involve a cover over the water sensor

  • The cover would dissolve slowly in water over the delay period

  • Once dissolved water would activate pinger as normal

  • “ status quo” is no longer acceptable

  • Underwater locator beacons can be and should be improved

  • Adaptive and programmable devices will be the Next Generation devices

  • The technology to make this device is here today and not something that needs development

  • The ideas in this presentation are US Patent protected from competition

  • We can lead the way at this opportune time with the—”Next Gen 370” Adaptive Pinger

  • Now is the time to attack the market with a next generation device

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