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Thomas DiCicco

Thomas DiCicco is an engineering leader in the field of  military electronics and communications technology  with specialization in  the telecommunications areas, including satellite, troposcatter, and antenna design and other electronic military electronic systems including IFF and Radar.  He has over 45 years of design experience covering all phases of engineering, including mechanical and electro-mechanical design, servo systems, actuator systems, antenna control systems, and transportable satellite systems for government and commercial customers.

Mr. DiCicco has been an entrepreneur throughout his work career, and is the holder of two US patents.  He was the founder of  two start-up companies (one of which was a Public entity) and a co-founder of a third company which was a leader in satellite communications (Globecomm) and traded on the NASDAQ until it was sold in 2014.  The two start-ups were involved in advanced infrared imaging for the purpose of detecting signs of breast cancer in women.  He developed an infrared imaging product that included an artificial intelligence neural network .  The product was FDA approved for use, and was successful in detecting occult cancer in a vast amount of  women patients.   The system was studied by leading institutions like Cornell University, and was the subject of a peer reviewed published paper in the American Journal of Surgery.   

In 2014 with the crash and loss of Malaysian flight MH370,  Mr. DiCicco became interested in the technology subject area for detection of the aircraft’s “black boxes” under extreme conditions, which later expanded to conceptual  engineering of improved methods and technology that would aid in black box and airframe recovery.   Shortly afterward, Mr. DiCicco filed for a US Patent to cover the innovations he developed.    He was subsequently granted US Patent 9,789,939  B1 in October 2017.  


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